Project: HVACME


TItle: HVAC air velocity and condition sensor


HVAC(Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system is one of the biggest environment-maintaining systems inside a building, and also the most power consuming system [1]. It is crucial to control the usage of HVAC systems in order to reduce overall power consumption.

In this project, we design an airflow sensor node, which is capable to measure air velocity, temperature and humidity. The sensor node is able to log and transmit data via wireless link.

The airflow sensors proposed in this project will greatly help the control of HVAC systems, by

In order to make the node suitable for existing HVAC systems deployment, we need to make the node as small as possible, and as lasting as possible, without loosing accuracy.

[1] U.S. Household Electricity Report,

Status: Inactive Project

Main Research Area: Energy and Water Sustainability


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