Project: DVM

Name: DVM

TItle: Multi-level Software Reconfiguration for Sensor Networks through Dynamically Extensible Virtual Machine

Description: The aim of the project is to build a system that supports software reconfiguration in embedded sensor networks at multiple levels. The system architecture is based on SOS, an operating system that consists of (i) a fixed tiny static kernel and (ii) binary modules that can be dynamically inserted, updated or removed unobtrusively. On top of SOS, we have implemented a dynamically extensible virtual machine (DVM), that interprets high-level scripts. Any binary module that is dynamically inserted into the operating system can register custom extensions to the virtual machine. Therefore, the high-level scripts, that are executed by the virtual machine, can efficiently access services that are exported by a module and tune module parameters. Together these system mechanisms permit the flexibility of selecting the most appropriate level of reconfiguration.

Status: Inactive Project

Main Research Area: Sensor and Actuator Networks