Project: ADCS

Name: ADCS

TItle: Distributed Control over Ad-hoc Sensor Actuator Networks


The emergence of pervasive networking technologies such as ZigBee and other low power radios, have opened up opportunities to apply wireless communication to several new applications. Control systems, earlier limited to wired star or bus topologies, may now use ad hoc wireless topologies where it facilitates deployment and maintenance. In this research we focus on a class of systems where a control operation is exercised over a system comprising of spatially distributed sensors and actuators that communicate through a wireless ad-hoc network. Such systems are emerging everywhere. A smart workspace that changes the lighting by sensing the user actions; A smart building that continuously reduces structural vibrations due to external disturbances; An intelligent irrigation system that micro-controls the soil conditions for precision agriculture. These are a few examples of a growing class of control applications.

A challenging issue for control over ad-hoc networks is the latency between sensor inputs and actuator outputs. Latency concerns can be addressed by operating the system in a distributed manner. However, an additional challenge then is to ensure coherent operation throughout the system without explicit central coordination. We design distributed ad hoc network algorithms to address these challenges.

A barrier to enabling end-to-end control applications is the difficulty in writing complex distributed embedded software for these systems. We provide a middleware service and a set of reusable components that abstract the low level timing and coordination details and provide an easy programming model for developers to quicly deploy their control applications.

Status: Inactive Project

Main Research Area: Sensor and Actuator Networks



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