Botong Ou (Xo00oX) [PhD Student]


Computer Science

Lab: Boelter Hall #1762

Greenfield #Un3nown, CA


Web Page

Biography: Received B.S. degree in Shanghai Jiaotong University Pursuing Ph.D. degree at NESL from Oct. 2019


  • Computer Science and Engineering in , Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2019.

Research Interests: Security&Privacy, Cloud Computing, IoT/Mobile/Edge Device Security

Recent Publications:

Other Publications: SecDeep: Secure and Performant On-device Deep Learning Inference Framework for Mobile and IoT Devices, Renju Liu, Luis Garcia, Zaoxing Liu, Botong Ou, Mani Srivastava, IOTDI 2021 [To be presented] WASI-SN: Portable and Secure Low-Footprint WebAssembly Sensor Interface with Networked Access Control, Botong Ou, Joseph Brown, Mani Srivastava [Under revision]