Brian Q. Le [Alum]

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)


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Biography: I am currently an undergraduate student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of California, Los Angeles, studying electrical engineering with a computer science technical breadth. Born and raised in San Jose, CA, I found myself very interested in the field of technology early on in my life, often finding myself completing personal projects in programming and slowly towards microcontrollers. When I started my academic career at UCLA, I joined the IEEE branch at UCLA, participating in the Open Project Space program (OPS) as an introduction to hands-on electrical engineering, and Micromouse, designing, building, and programming a "mouse" to autonomously navigate a maze. In Summer '17 I spent a couple months at Stanford University, working directly with Ph. D students under Prof Subhasish Mitra to learn industry software in VLSI design such as Virtuoso, IC Compiler, VCS, DVE, Design Vision, and PrimeTime. I also worked with Nicolas Wainstein of Technion - Israel Institute of Technology to design the lab manual for EE 271: Introduction to VLSI Systems. I joined NESL in Summer '18, working as a research assistant under the guidance of Nat Snyder, Eun Sun Lee, and Renju Liu to develop deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms for autonomous cars, with future focus on computer networking and wireless communication protocols integrated with embedded systems and computer hardware, infused with machine learning. In my free time I enjoy travelling, hiking, and photography, or browsing the web for something interesting to read.


  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 2020.

Research Interests: Deep learning and reinforcement learning in sensory and embedded systems, computer networking, wireless communication

Recent Publications: