Hao Li (Elvis Lee) [Alum]

Electrical Engineering


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  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, 2017.

Experience: 2015/8-2015/12 Design of Embedded Hardware Systems @ National University of Singapore Working on VHDL and C programing on FPGA and ARM and implementing program on Xilinx Zedboard under the supervision of Prof. Akash Kumar. 2015/8-2015/12 Digital Signal Processing @ National University of Singapore Working on Matlab programing to decipher message using signal processing method under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Yeo. 2015/5-2016/5 Design of AC-DC Convertor @ Zhejiang University Working on designing a new type AC-DC convertor using both digital and analogue analysis method under the supervision of Prof. He Lenian.

Research Interests: Electrical Engineering: VLSI, Embedded System, Digital Signal Processing Computer Science: Architecture, Computer Vision

Recent Publications:

  • EmbedInsight: Automated Grading of Embedded Systems Assignments
    Hao Li, Bo-Jhang Ho, Bharathan Balaji, Yue Xin, Paul D. Martin, and Mani B. Srivastava.
    February 2017. [ Details ]

Awards: TF LEaRN Scholarship @ NUS National Scholarship of China (0.5%) First-Class Scholarship for Outstanding Students Mathematical Contest in Modelling: Meritorious Winner Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPhO): First Prize (0.5% in China) Physics Innovation Competition of Zhejiang Province: Second Prize