Salma H. Elmalaki [Alum]

HHMI Janelia Research Campus


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  • BSc in Computer and Systems Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, 2008.
  • MS in Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 2014.
    Thesis: Adaptation framework for context-aware application
    (done at NESL)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering in , , 2018.
    Thesis: Software Mechanisms for Pervasive and Autonomous Computing
    (done at NESL)


  • From December 2008 – September 2011, Hardware R&D Engineer, Mentor Emulation Division (MED), Mentor Graphics: Responsible for full verification of one of the basic blocks in Mentor Emulator product known as PHB2. PHB2 is a PCIe based SoC responsible for communication between the host emulator and clients’ applications. Designed and implemented a hardware module for enhancing transaction throughput of a PCIe based SoC using ModelSim and Precision. Created Co-Emulation environment for verifying different SoC using Mentor Graphics TBX (Test Bench Xpress). Designed and Developed performance Tests for measuring quality and speed of transactions between Linux based applications and PCIe based SoC. 
  • From August – November 2008, Embedded Software Developer, ITIDA Program, Mentor Graphics: Developed a user interactive GUI for Portable Media Player (PMP) Application deployed on PDA using Inflection UI. Designed and Implemented Pseudo Regression Test suite for Portable Media Player (PMP) application targeting Nucleus RTOS using EDGE and Inflection UI. Implemented a CRC based checker for high bandwidth Ethernet communication targeting Mentor Graphics® Emulator iSolve applications.
  • From July 2007- October 2007, Engineering Intern, Automotive Networking Business Unit, Mentor Graphics. Developed Virtual functional Bus (VFB) simulator for AUTOSAR based Software Components (SWCs). Developed an Isolated word Speech Recognition (ISR) algorithm using Texas Instruments 6x series embedded targets.
  • From August 2006 - September 2006, Engineering Intern, Digital Verification Department, Mentor Graphics. Developed test benches for digital design verification using Mentor Graphics 0-In tools.

Research Interests:

  • Context-aware computing in Mobile systems
  • Power Variability and Management in Embedded Systems
  • Secure Operating System

Recent Publications:

  • CAreDroid: Adaptation Framework for Android Context-Aware Applications
    Salma H. Elmalaki, Lucas F. Wanner, and Mani B. Srivastava.
    Proceedings of the 21st Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom'15), September 2015. [ Details ]
  • A Case for Battery Charging-Aware Power Management and Deferrable Task Scheduling in Smartphones
    Salma H. Elmalaki, Mark Gottscho, Puneet Gupta, and Mani B. Srivastava.
    HotPower'14, October 2014. [ Details ]
  • Towards Analyzing and Improving Robustness of Software Applications to Intermittent and Permanent Faults in Hardware
    Ankur Sharma Joseph Sloan, Salma H. Elmalaki, Lucas F. Wanner, Mani B. Srivastava, and Puneet Gupta.
    ICCAD: International Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD) 2013, October 2013. [ Details ]
  • VarEMU: An Emulation Testbed for Variability-Aware Software
    Lucas F. Wanner, Salma H. Elmalaki, Liangzhen Lai, Puneet Gupta, and Mani B. Srivastava.
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis (CODES+ISSS), September 2013. [ Details ]


  • Honorable Mention Award, Feburary 2016 Microsoft Research Student Summit on Mobility, Systems, and Networking for my presentation in poster session on "Adapation framework for Context-aware application on Mobile Systems.”
  • Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship, Janurary 2016 Selected to be one of the 12 MSR fellows out of 211.
  • Best Community Paper Award at Mobicom'15, September 2015 It is awarded to the paper that contributes the most to the broader research community in terms of real data or new software/hardware. Awarded to "CAreDroid: Adaptation Framework for Android Context-Aware Applications" at MobiCom’15.
  • Best Paper Award at Mobicom'15, September 2015 Awarded to "CAreDroid: Adaptation Framework for Android Context-Aware Applications" at MobiCom’15.
  • ITIDA Scholarship Program, Academic-Industrial program for practicing high-end technologies in Mentor Graphics, August 2008 - August 2009.
  • Distinction Award, Graduation with Honors, September 2008 Computer and Systems Engineering, Ain Shams University.
  • Egyptian Government Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Studies, 2003-2008 Five years in a row, Ain Shams University.
  • Best Graduation Project honor, given by the head of the Computer and Systems Engineering – July 2008
  • The Information Technology Industry Development Agency, ITIDA, Top Grant for best innovative graduation project – March 2008.
  • Engineering Innovation Award, December 2007. For acquiring 1st place in the Engineering Innovation contest, held by Ain Shams University.
  • Top Engineering Students around Egypt honor, given by the Minister of Administrative Development – August 2007