Matthew P. Johnson (matt) [Alum]


Recent Publications:

  • A Framework for Context-Aware Privacy of Sensor Data on Mobile Systems
    Supriyo Chakraborty, Kasturi Rangan Raghavan, Matthew P. Johnson, and Mani B. Srivastava.
    ACM HotMobile 2013, February 2013. [ Details ]

Other Publications:

[25] M.P. Johnson, D. Sarioz, A. Bar-Noy, T. Brown, D. Verma, and C.W. Wu. More is more: robust and efficient coverage in denser sensor deployment. IEEE Transactions on Sensor Networks, Vol. 8, Iss. 3, August, 2012. [ pdf ]
[24] M.P. Johnson, A. Bar-Noy, O. Liu, Y. Feng. Energy peak shaving with local storage. Sustainable Computing. To appear. [ pdf ]
[23] M.P. Johnson and A. Bar-Noy. Pan and scan: configuring cameras for coverage. IEEE INFOCOM 2011 (acceptance rate: 15.96%), Shanghai, China, April, 2011. [ pdf ]
[22] Y. Alayev, A. Bar-Noy, M.P. Johnson, L. Kaplan, T. La Porta. You can't get there from here: sensor scheduling with refocusing delays. IEEE MASS 2010 (acceptance rate: 27.6%), San Francisco, CA, November, 2010.
[21] F. Chen, M.P. Johnson, Y. Alayev, A. Bar-Noy, and T. La Porta. Who, when, where: timeslot assignment to mobile clients. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol. PP, Iss. 99, February, 2011.
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