People @ NESL

Mani Srivastava
PhD Student
Akash Deep Singh
PhD Student
Brian Wang
PhD Student
Gaofeng Dong
PhD Student
Julián de Gortari
PhD Student
Pengrui Quan
PhD Student
Pragya Sharma
PhD Student
Sandeep Singh Sandha
PhD Student
Swapnil Sayan Saha
PhD Student
Ziqi Wang
PhD Student
MS Student
MS Student
UG Student
Caden Davis
UG Student
Derek Hua
UG Student
Ho Lyun Jeong
UG Student
Jason Wu
UG Student
Advait Dixit (now at Tejas Networks)
Akhilesh Singhania
Aman Kansal (now at Microsoft Research)
Amr Alanwar
Andreas Savvides (now at Yale University)
Ankur Sarker
Anna Davitian (now at Waymo)
Arun Somasundara (now at Broadcom, San Jose)
Athanassios Boulis (now at National ICT Australia Ltd)
Balaji Vasu (now at Cisco Systems, Inc.)
Bharathan Balaji (now at Amazon)
Bing Zhang (now at Qualcomm)
Bo-Jhang Ho (now at Google)
Botong Ou (now at Purdue University)
Brian Le
Chenguang Shen (now at Facebook)
Chenni Qian (now at Cypress Semiconductor)
Curt Schurgers (now at UCSD)
Daniela Tulone
David Kim (now at Northrop Grumman)
David Jea (now at Cisco)
David Lee (now at ATLA LABS, LLC)
Dominic Hillenbrand (now at University of Karlsruhe)
Dunny Potter (now at Boeing Commercial Airplanes)
Dustin Torres (now at Intel)
Eun Sun Lee
Fatima Anwar (now at University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Gauresh Rane (now at Qualcomm)
Gautam Kulkarni (now at Broadcom)
Haksoo Choi (now at Apple)
Han Zhao (now at Laserfiche)
Hao Li
Heemin Park (now at Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul, Korea)
Henry Herman
Hohyun Shim (now at Synopsys)
Hsiao-Yun Tseng (now at Facebook)
Hsin-Hao Chiang
Hubert Wu
Ian Yap (now at Cisco Systems, San Jose)
Ilias Tsigkogiannis (now at Microsoft)
Indrajeet Singh (now at I.I.T. Guwahati)
Ivo Locher (now at Sefar Inc.)
J.Vikranth Jeyakumar (now at Networked and Embedded Systems Laboratory)
Jaeyoung Yi
James Carwana (now at Newport Media Inc.)
Jason Hsu (now at The Aerospace Corporation)
Jason Tsao
Jeff Mascia
Jin-seong Jeong (now at UCLA)
Jing Shen
Jonathan Friedman (now at CircuitHub, Inc.)
Joseph Noor (now at Ownwell)
Juo-Yu Lee (now at UCLA)
Kasturi Rangan Raghavan (now at Google)
Kevin Lee (now at Cisco)
Kevin Ting
Kris Lin
Laura Balzano
Leon Kozinakov (now at SpaceX)
Leslie Choong (now at Google)
Lucas Wanner (now at Universidade Estadual de Campinas)
Luis Garcia (now at University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute)
Manoj Nagendiran
Matthew Johnson
Max Greenblatt (now at Amazon)
Miu-Ling Lam (now at UCLA)
Moustafa Alzantot (now at Google Research and Machine Intelligence)
Nathaniel Snyder (now at UCLA)
Newton Truong
Norman Su (now at U.C. Irvine)
Paleologos Spanos (now at DirectTV)
Parixit Aghera (now at Qualcomm)
Parth Patel
Paul Lettieri (now at Broadcom)
Paul Martin (now at Qualcomm)
Pavan Alla Reddy (now at Cadence)
Phanitta Chomsinsap
Philipp Steurer (now at Varian Medical Systems)
Rahul Balani (now at IBM Research - India)
Ramkumar Rengaswamy (now at Google)
Renju Liu (now at Pinterest)
Roy Shea
Sachin Adlakha (now at Telogy)
Sadaf Zahedi (now at University of Colorado, Boulder)
Salma Elmalaki (now at HHMI Janelia Research Campus)
Sasank Reddy
Saurabh Ganeriwal (now at Google)
Scott Zimbeck (now at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL))
Sean Kim
Sherman Wong
Simon Han (now at Google Inc.)
Siyou Pei (now at UCLA HCI)
Sophia Wong
Srdjan Capkun (now at Technical University of Denmark)
Stanley Hsu
Subhonmesh Bose (now at I.I.T. Kanpur)
Sung Park (now at Raytheon)
Supriyo Chakraborty (now at IBM Research)
Tad Dreier
Takamasa Higuchi (now at Osaka University)
Thomas Shih yu Cheng (now at Streetline Networks)
Thomas Schmid (now at University of Utah)
Tianji Wu
Tianrui Zhang
Tianwei Xing (now at Samsung Research)
Vijay Raghunathan (now at Purdue University)
Vlasios Tsiatsis (now at Ericsson, Sweden)
Wenqiang Chen (now at University of Virginia)
Wentao Ouyang (now at Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Xi Chen
Xi Han (now at Apple)
Yasser Shoukry (now at University of Maryland, College Park)
Yen-Cheng Kuan
Yingtzu Yu
Young Cho (now at USC Information Sciences Institute)
Younghun Kim (now at IBM Research)
Yue Xin (now at Paypal)
Yuwen Sun
Zafeiria Anagnostopoulou (now at Microsoft)
Zainul Charbiwala (now at IBM Research - India)
Zhengxu Xia (now at University of Chicago)