News Event: Graduation time!

Description: Today was UCLA Engineering commencement, and many NESLites received their degrees. Receiving Ph.D. degrees were Saurabh Ganeriwal, who is joining Google, and Arun Somansundra, who has been at Broadcom for several months. Receiving M.S. degrees were David Lee (at his own startup Atla Labs), Ilias Tsigkogiannis (joining Microsoft), Jason Hsu (joining Aerospace Corporation), Kevin Lee (departing for Cisco),and Sadaf Zahedi (continuing as a Ph.D. student). Kris Lin, one of our undegraduate researchers received her B.S. degree. Also recently graduated but not at the commencement are Aman Kansal who received his Ph.D. and is now at Microsoft Research, Tad Dreier who received his M.S. but is still wrapping his M.S. thesis, and Jennifer Yu who received her B.S. Congratulations everyone!

Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006