Joint End-to-End Scheduling, Power Control and Rate Control in Multi-hop Wireless Networks [Conference Paper]

NESL Technical Report #: 2004-12-3


Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of joint scheduling, power control and rate control while maximizing end-to-end data rates in multi-hop wireless networks. Using a “physical layer” network model that explicitly takes into account interference due to spatial spectrum reuse, we formulate the throughput maximization problem as a mixed integer linear programming problem (MILP). While a MILP based approach yields an optimal solution, it does not scale well to large networks. To address this issue, we also present a computationally efficient water-filling based heuristic. Simulation results, obtained using our heuristic, highlight several capacity related tradeoffs that arise in wireless ad-hoc networks. Prior work only provides either asymptotic results on ad-hoc network capacity or, at best, techniques for computing loose upper bounds for throughput in specific instances of networks.

Publication Forum: IEEE Globecom '04

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Date: 2004-12-15

Place: Dallas, TX

Publisher: IEEE

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Document category: Conference Paper