Dynamic fine-grained localization in Ad-Hoc networks of sensors [Conference Paper]

NESL Technical Report #: 2001-7-1


Abstract: The recent advances in radio and embedded system tech- nologies have enabled the proliferation of wireless micro- sensor networks. Such wirelessly connected sensors are re- leased in many diverse environments to perform various mon- itoring tasks. In many such tasks, location awareness is in- herently one of the most essential system parameters. It is not only needed to report the origins of events, but also to assist group querying of sensors, routing, and to answer questions on the network coverage. In this paper we present a novel approach to the localization of sensors in an ad- hoc network. We describe a system called AHLoS (Ad-Hoc Localization System) that enables sensor nodes to discover their locations using a set distributed iterative algorithms. The operation of AHLoS is demonstrated with an accuracy of a few centimeters using our prototype testbed while scal- ability and performance are studied through simulation.

Publication Forum: Proceedings of the Seventh ACM Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom)

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Date: 2001-07-14

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