Dynamic Adaptation of Networked Reconfigurable Systems [Conference Paper]

NESL Technical Report #: 2003-2-1



Networked Reconfigurable System comprises of a heterogeneous ad-hoc network of reconfigurable devices interconnected in a wired or wireless manner. This system exploits the reconfigurable computing resource available over the network to improve application performance and increase the robustness of the system to failures. The resource constraints of an individual device can be overcome by utilizing the idle resources in the network. There is a need for providing run-time software support to the system to enable the dynamic adaptation. Resource monitoring, scheduling and task allocation at a network level become very critical issues in ensuring the proper functioning of the system. This paper proposes a framework for dynamic adaptation of the Networked Reconfigurable Systems. A Network Resource Manager (NRM) is developed that orchestrates the reconfiguration process at every device in the network. A Local Reconfiguration Manager (LRM) at every device abstracts the underlying hardware and provides a common interface and set of services to the Network Resource Manager.

Publication Forum: Workshop on Software Support for Reconfigurable Systems (SSRS)

Page (Count): 6

Date: 2003-02-14

Place: Los Angeles

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Document category: Conference Paper