SeleCon: Scalable IoT Device Selection and Control Using Hand Gestures [Conference Paper]

NESL Technical Report #: 2017-4-1


Abstract: Although di‚erent interaction modalities have been proposed in the €eld of human-computer interface (HCI), only a few of these techniques could reach the end users because of scalability and usability issues. Given the popularity and the growing number of IoT devices, selecting one out of many devices becomes a hurdle in a typical smarthome environment. Œerefore, an easy-to-learn, scalable, and non-intrusive interaction modality has to be explored. In this paper, we propose a pointing approach to interact with devices, as pointing is arguably a natural way for device selection. We introduce SeleCon for device selection and control which uses an ultra wideband (UWB) equipped smartwatch. To interact with a device in our system, people can point to the device to select it then draw a hand gesture in the air to specify a control action. To this end, SeleCon employs inertial sensors for pointing gesture detection and a UWB transceiver for identifying the selected device from ranging measurements. Furthermore, SeleCon supports an alphabet of gestures that can be used for controlling the selected devices. We performed our experiment in a 9m-by-10m lab space with eight deployed devices. Œe results demonstrate that SeleCon can achieve 84.5% accuracy for device selection and 97% accuracy for hand gesture recognition. We also show that SeleCon is power ecient to sustain daily use by turning o‚ the UWB transceiver, when a user’s wrist is stationary.

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Publication Forum: Second International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation

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Date: 2017-04-18

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Primary Research Area: Wireless Communications