On the Quality and Value of Information in Sensor Networks [Journal Paper]

NESL Technical Report #: 2013-11-5


Abstract: The increasing use of sensor-derived information from planned, ad-hoc, and/or opportunistically deployed sensor networks provides enhanced visibility to everyday activities and processes, enabling fast-paced data- to-decision in personal, social, civilian, military, and business contexts. The value that information brings to this visibility and ensuing decisions depends on the quality characteristics of the information gathered. In this article, we highlight, refine, and extend upon our past work in the areas of quality and value of information (QoI and VoI) for sensor networks. Specifically, we present and elaborate on our two-layer QoI/VoI definition, where the former relates to context-independent aspects and the latter to context-dependent aspects of an information product. Then, we refine our taxonomy of pertinent QoI and VoI attributes anchored around a simple ontological relationship between the two. Finally, we introduce a framework for scoring and ranking information products based on their VoI attributes using the analytic hierarchy multicriteria decision process, illustrated via a simple example.

Publication Forum: ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks

Volume: 9

Number: 4

Page (Start): 1

Page (End): 26

Page (Count): 26

Date: 2013-07-01

Publisher: ACM

NESL Document?: Yes

Document category: Journal Paper