LabSense: An Extensible and Easily Configurable Energy Monitoring System [Report]

NESL Technical Report #: 2013-3-2


Abstract: This project involves sensing many different characteristics about a laboratory or room (such as ambient temperature and energy usage per electric socket). The different characteristics are obtained by a multitude of different sensors and devices deployed throughout the laboratory or room. The sensors in the system include temperature sensors, motion sensors, light sensors, door sensors, and several types of electricity meters. The data from these devices is sent to different data sinks. The data sinks provide a means of storage and visualization of the data. With this system, data scientists and engineers can simply worry about analyzing sensor data rather than worrying about retrieving the data with their own custom programs. The system has been developed to be easy to add new devices and data sinks so that users without LabSense’s hardware can still use the system effectively.

Publication Forum: MS Project Report, UCLA Electrical Engineering Department

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Date: 2013-03-01

Place: Los Angeles, CA

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