The True Cost of Accurate Time [Conference Paper]

NESL Technical Report #: 2008-10-5


Abstract: The scientific community has long envisioned vast networks of sensors each attached to a small battery operated micro- processor replete with a radio communications transceiver. For these scientists, each of the sensor terminals is called a node and the entirety of nodes is termed a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). WSN's have proven effective in a plethora of application domains spanning climate science [2] to mil- itary operations [10]. In applications where remote long- term operation, broad geographic coverage, low-cost (e.g. expendable hardware), and rapid deployment are vital, the WSN o offers a practical and efficient solution. To achieve remote distributed sensing and computation the WSN must achieve synchrony among its component nodes.

Publication Forum: HotPower '08

Date: 2008-12-28

Place: San Diego

Public Document?: Yes

NESL Document?: Yes

Document category: Conference Paper