Body Sensor Network in Pervasive Computing Environments for Health Care [Report]

NESL Technical Report #: 2007-2-2

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to explore how to use body sensor networks with devices in pervasive computing environments to support health care applications. We specifically focus on the two research topics: approximate data collection and context-based user access. Approximate data collection is the process of collecting reduced information from sensors. The technique is applied in the scenario where energy, bandwidth, or storage is the constraint. In pervasive computing environments, various devices embedded in the surroundings are public and shared among multiple users. Such complicated scenario easily results identity confusion problems. Context-based user access describes the rules of the interaction between a user and a device based on their physical states. This ability enables user access to the designate devices and describes the real sage relationship among these entities.

Publication Forum: PhD Research Proposal

Date: 2007-02-28

Public Document?: Yes

NESL Document?: Yes

Document category: Report