Making Live a Little Easier or... Compile Time Checking of Run Time Resource Management [Slides]

NESL Technical Report #: 2006-4-3


Abstract: To aid in the efficient and clean design of applications, many sensor network systems expose interfaces to system developers that allow for the dynamic creation and manipulation of sensor node resources. But these interfaces are accompanied by the risk that programming mistakes will lead to mismanaged resources. In this talk I will introduce a simple model that characterizes resource usage in many sensor network applications and how this model can be used to create a tool to help automate software verification. I will then describe my experiences in applying such a tool to the code base for the SOS operating system. And perhaps, along the way, we will come to better understand the mystic "Property Number Three"...

Publication Forum: CENS Lecture Series

Date: 2006-04-13

Place: University of California, Los An

Public Document?: Yes

NESL Document?: Yes

Document category: Slides