Sensor Networking with SOS [Slides]

NESL Technical Report #: 2005-1-6


Abstract: The ability to create robust and energy efficient applications is a primary concern in the sensor network domain. Many current operating systems solve this problem through the creation of static application images that ease verification and optimization, but hinder flexibility and reuse.The SOS operating system breaks away from this model by using established systems techniques to push application development into reusable modules that can be dynamically loaded and modified in a deployed sensor network, with little impact on safety or energy efficiency.In this talk I introduce the architecture of SOS and how it enables the use of dynamic modules in sensor networks. Through a comparison of SOS to both a traditional static sensor network operating system and a virtual machine solution for sensor networks, I argue that SOS occupies a valuable middle ground between energy efficiency and flexibility.

Publication Forum: CENS Lecture Series

Date: 2005-01-13

Place: University of California, Los An

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NESL Document?: Yes

Document category: Slides