Distributed Algorithm and Protocol for Infrastructure-less Navigation and Software Services for Multi Robot Platform [Other]

NESL Technical Report #: 2005-3-16


Abstract: Autonomous multi-robot systems with various applications in area of mobile sensor network, distributed robotics and robot gaming have become an active area of research. One of the research problems in this area is how to navigate a mobile robot team in an unknown environment without setting up any infrastructure for localization. This kind of scenarios arises when mobile robot team needs to be deployed in ad-hoc fashion in an indoor environment or on a different planet such as Mars. This research problem is formally defined as infrastructure-less navigation problem in this work. One approach to solve this problem is to assign role of landmark to some of the robots while other robots can localize themselves with respect to these landmarks. For this approach and for a system using trilateration as basic localization technique, we define minimum requirements about the initial geometric configuration of a robot team. The required geometric configuration is defined as Navigation Graph. A provably correct distributed algorithm for infrastructure-less robot team navigation is presented. Design of a distributed protocol implementing the proposed algorithm is described. The protocol is implemented in QualNet [17] network simulator. This thesis also presents design of software platform and services for Ragobot, a multi-robot platform aimed at distributed robotics and mobile sensing research, robotics education, and multi-robot game development.

Publication Forum: UCLA Thesis

Date: 2005-03-16

Place: Los Angeles

Public Document?: Yes

Document category: Other