The Node

There is a power switch on the top edge of the board, according to the photo. To power the board with batteries, switch it towards left. To power the board with miniprog programmer, switch it towards right (towards the impeller).

To reprogram the node, you need to remove the front cover. Connect the miniprog connector so that the power and ground pins (red and black ones) are near to the impeller, and yellow and orange pins are near to the push button.

D1 and R3 are not soldered, in order to save power. They are directly connected across power and ground, which is designed as a power indicator. The yellow push button is the reset button.

Compile and Install

Go to src/ directory. Run:
make epic miniprog bsl,<serial>
id must be greater than 0, as 0 is reserved for the base station. i.e.
make epic install.3 miniprog bsl,/dev/ttyUSB1

To install the base station program, go to test/BaseStation run:
make tmote install.0 bsl,<serial>

Collecting Data

Install base station and node program. Go to pc/ director, run:
./ -comm serial@<serial>:115200
Data will be displayed in terminal window, as well as output to log.log.

Data are represented in the following format:
Unix_timestamp Node_id Relative_velocity Temperature Relative_Humidity
where Relative_velocity can be either positive or negative. Temperature is represented in the unit of 0.01C; RH is represented in the unit of 0.01%.