Siyou Pei (Yoyo) [PhD Student]

ECE Department


Hey, I'm Yoyo :p

Seldom in a bad mood. Always curious and excited. My interest to dig in and my desire to break the prejudice of women in engineering in my country drove me to pursue ECE, which turns out to be a correct choice. I have been happy with it.
On my way, I find research life so romantic and charming. At my home university, I participated in a national innovation project called "Development of a New Online Detection System for Accumulator Capacity". During my exchange in National University of Singapore, I joined Dr. Yen’s lab, Keio-NUS CUTE Center and our team designed a system called SilveryFun with a motion tracker and a set of exergames with audio-visual feedback.

Now I am in NESL as a summer intern. I really really enjoy my time here! Working/Playing all the day makes me happy!
Outside of research, I like to climb (children-friendly mountains), draw or sing-and-record. Recently I am considering to be a YouTuber.


  • Bachelor of Science in Electronic&lnformation Engineering, Zhejiang University, 2019.

Research Interests: Mobile Computing, Sensory Fusion, Deep Learning

Recent Publications: