Fatima M. Anwar [Alum]

Electrical Engineering

Lab: 1762 Boelter Hall
UCLA Main Campus

EE Department
420 Westwood Plaza
MC# 951594
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1594
ATTN: 56-125KK, EEIV
C/O: Fe Asuncion


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  • BSc in Electrical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan, 2008.
  • MS in Electrical Engineering, Ajou University, South Korea, 2011.
    Thesis: Spherical Mapping based load-aware Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks


  • Advanced R&D Group, Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics, March 2011 - December 2013, Software Engineer: Worked in Smart Health project (SHealth): pedometer, sensor service framework and communication of mobile devices with galaxy gear using Android APIs,  WiFi Direct and Location based WiFi auto-connection implementation,  Music Hub's albums display and music streaming, UX design implementation, software testing
  • EE department, University of Central Punjab, September 2008 - February 2009, Lecturer & Lab Instructor: Courses taught: Electric circuits, Control Systems, Analog Electronics and their associated labs

Research Interests:

  • System design and programming Embedded systems (ES), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Security and Privacy in CPS
  • Resource-aware time synchronization protocols
  • Operating system design and optimizations
  • Time-aware applications in Robotics

Recent Publications:

  • Precision Time Protocol over LR-WPAN and 6LoWPAN
    Fatima M. Anwar, and Mani B. Srivastava.
    Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control, and Communication (ISPCS), August 2017. [ Details ]
  • Cyclops: PRU Programming Framework for Precise Timing Applications
    Amr Alanwar, Fatima M. Anwar, Yi-Fan Zhang, Justin Pearson, Joao Hespanha, and Mani B. Srivastava.
    2017 IEEE International Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control, and Communication (ISPCS), August 2017. [ Details ]
  • Timeline: An Operating System Abstraction for Time-Aware Applications
    Fatima M. Anwar, Sandeep D. Souza, Andrew Symington, Adwait Dongare, Anthony Rowe, Raj Rajkumar, and Mani B. Srivastava.
    IEEE Real Time Systems Symposium (RTSS), December 2016. [ Details ]
  • Realizing Uncertainty-Aware Timing Stack in Embedded Operating System
    Amr Alanwar, Fatima M. Anwar, Joao Hespanha, and Mani B. Srivastava.
    EWiLi'16, the 6th Embedded Operating System Workshop held in conjunction with ESWEEK , October 2016. [ Details ]


  • UCLA EE Departmental Fellowship, Fall 2014
  • Korean Govt. Scholarship, Brain Korea (BK21), 2009 - 2011
  • Second price in robotics engineering project competition in SOFTEC, 2008
  • HSSC Pakistan Government Bright Students scholarship, 2004